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Hear what its like to work onboard several Cruise Liners as an Assistant Broadcast or a Broadcast Manager. Find out exactly what to expect from multiple organizations, when it comes to the broadcast industry out at sea.

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Raymond Crystal

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Video editing
Camera work

You will be required to shoot and edit on a daily basics. Depending on the company it will determine the amount of editing and camera work that's involved.


When the ship re position's like for example from USA to Europe, you would have to reprogram all the receivers and satellites in order to get the feed required.


A lot of programming is required when it comes to daily info that's played around the ship from TV Guides to Venue displays. Most content needs to be scheduled.

video & audio

Normally every night there is a show in the Theater and most occasions you will need to switch the show , record it , broadcast it and not forgetting to strike equip.

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